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About us

Behind the brand of H.E.Y there is a lovely back-story

Her name is Muria, now 84 years old. Her husband, 85. Muria is a smart and competent English woman, her husband used to be in the furniture-repairing business. When they were young they lived a life like any normal family, Muria and her husband worked hard to raise their four children. And like other women, jewelry is as precious as her best friends to Muria.

One time when I was visiting Muria, she showed me an old jewelry box. As I opened the box I was astonished as it was filled with diamond rings, each one was small but together they have the most gorgeous glare. She told me, that ever since they were married, her husband would secretly buy a diamond ring on their anniversary day and put it under her pillow to give her a surprise. Even through the harsh days when she thought that it would be difficult for them to afford another ring, the surprise still came.

I was blown away by the commitment and love between the couple. I believe that this is another beautiful example of jewelry being recognised and adored in western culture, and it reinforces on the idea that a long-lasting love is illusional without some almost ceremonial gestures.

This year Muria heard that I started the customisation service in my jewelry business, thus she earnestly asked my to remake all her diamond rings into four diamond necklaces, for her four children. With the touching feelings of the story still in mind, I completed the task with all my heart. When she first saw the necklaces she smiled, “Hey, my jewels! My Love!”. The simple greeting to her jewelry made me realised that each and every one of these necklaces is a vessel filled with love and caring that would be carried on through generations. This moved my deeply, and it is at that time the name sprung in my mind, H.E.Y Jewelry!

We threw our whole enthusiasm, heart and body into the jewelry business, thus the letters H.E.Y also have alternative meanings: H for Happiness, representing the pleasure in our work and the joy we deliver in our jewels; E for Elegance, showcasing the beauty and grace in the nature within the nature of jewelry and our customers; Y stands for Years, preserving years of memories and passing them on through lifetimes.

H.E.Y, symbolizes the happiness and elegance of our attitudes towards life. When time passes we can look back at our paths, revisit the unchanged feelings, dive into the unforgettable memories, and appreciate those that we precious.

--- H.E.Y Founder, Tingna