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It is seems that the sapphire came to be favoured by early Christians as suitable for setting into ecclesiastical rings, prompting Pope Innocent III to issue a decree ruling that: “the ring of a Bishop should be made of pure gold and set with an unengraved sapphire because this stone possesses qualities essential to its dignified position as the badge go Pontifical Rank and a Seal of Secrets.”

The sapphire is held in the highest reverence by the religions of the East. Buddhists, believe that it will produce a desire for prayer, The beautiful blue sapphire, they stress, is the “Stone of Stone” that gives peace of mind, tranquillity, happiness and spiritual enlightenment. The stone is also given pride of place in the mystical gem combinations revered by the Hindus. For these devout people, the blue sapphire confers good health, wealth, happiness, the favour of princes and the blessing of the Deity to enjoy these gifts.

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